Introductory Review

Introductory Review: My Brother, My Brother and Me

My Brother, My Brother and Me is a self-described ‘advice show for the modern era’ hosted by Travis, Justin, and Griffin McElroy on the Max Fun Network. New episodes are released every Monday and are quite often the sole highlight of that most dour of weekdays.

The Brothers answer questions submitted by listeners as found on Yahoo! Answers. I will admit this sounds like a terrible premise for a podcast. Questions found on Yahoo! Answers are frequently baffling and usually terrifying in their lack of self awareness. The Brothers’ commitment to answering the questions at their face raises the value of the questions from disposable eyebrow-raise to philosophical Koan. If a Yahoo! Answer asker queries the hivemind for good Warrior Cat names, the brothers will not shy away from the task at hand. My first inclination would be to dismiss the ludicrous questions but it is in this ludicrousness the Brothers dive in, get comfortable, and make a day of it.

When they hit a topic that really clicks and get on a roll the laughs come thick and fast. All three have a good sense of when a bit is working and when it is time to move on. At least, they do now – some of the earlier episodes struggle with this rhythm, mostly due to an early need to try and come to a resolution. Presently they all have a sense of when it is time to move on and the show is all the better for it, even if the question is answered only tangentially. Shows can sometimes be a little flabby, but it is rare that more than a couple minutes will pass before they’ve found another topic to latch onto and get some hilarious goofs.

My Brother, My Brother and Me is my go-to podcast for when I need a pick me up. It’s not really thought-provoking or challenging, though it is occasionally insightful when readers submit their own less-absurd questions and the Brothers answer with some degree of earnestness. If they happen to release late, my Mondays are plunged into Garfieldian nightmare. Thank goodness it gives me something to look forward to.

Recommended episode: Episode 151 Orb is Horse.


Review Overview

I like podcasts. A lot.

I’m going to talk about podcasts on this website. I’m going to talk about podcasts a few different ways:

1) New-to-Me Reviews. This will be for podcasts that are new to me but not new to the whole world. I will try and listen to at least three episodes of a show before I do a New-to-Me Review. Certainly that’s enough material with which to make an informed decision. Probably I won’t do three episodes if I hate something, because I don’t hate myself and my time is precious. Would you spend more time than the minimal-required time listening to something you hate? That’s an actual question, feel free to answer in the comments.

2) Introductory Reviews. These reviews are for podcasts I listen to on the Reggie. Their purpose is to introduce you, the reader, to podcasts where my level of familiarity is pretty high. I think it’s a good idea to talk about my most-loved podcasts as a way for you, the reader, to orient yourself to my tastes. Probably you’re going to get a better idea of how helpful my reviews are going to be to you based based on podcasts to which I already feel a strong affinity.

3) Episode Reviews. These reviews will be for podcasts that I listen to as episodes are released. Probably I’ll only write about specific episodes from these shows when something exceptional or noteworthy comes up. God help me if I have to review episodes of WTF with Marc Maron every week. I can only write “Mark shared too much and the guest was uncomfortable” in so many ways. Probably that’s because I’m not a very good writer but it’s easier to blame my failings on the idiosyncrasies and rhythms of the shows I love than to stretch my mind with new critiques and observations on a weekly basis.

If you have read points one through three you might have noticed ‘probably’ came up quite a bit. I’m not really sure how things are going to unfold so I’m giving myself a lot of wiggle room. Better to be elusive in the begging than to be constrained later on. Probably.